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The Last Total Lunar Eclipse...

... for over two years. It's not the greatest video but it's also not the worst. OK maybe it is the worst. Just make sure you watch it in FULL SCREEN.

South of Winnipeg, Manitoba we see the SUPERMOON, BLOODMOON, total lunar eclipse. Supermoon because it's the closest the moon gets to the Earth all year. Big deal. In fact according to the great Neil deGrasse Tyson, "The size of today's "Super" moon is to next month's full moon as a 16.07 inch pizza is to a 16.00 inch pizza." So there. It's not so sssssuper after all. And as far as being a blood moon, well, the slightly reddish colour is due to the scattering of earth's atmosphere reflected off the moon. Every lunar eclipse looks like this and in fact, in my humble opinion, this eclipse looked less red than most. So enjoy the video, but remember, the only special thing about this eclipse were the facts that it was the last of four eclipses occurring over the past two years and the last one until January 2018. Oh, and notice how the moon jumps at 9 seconds into the video? It actually did that. No, of course it didn't. My battery ran out on my GoPro!!!! C'mon Woodman!